The audience for the work and how it is disseminated

Illustrators’ work is mainly disseminated through publications, exhibitions and social media platforms. For example, Mary Herbert, a London-based artist whose work I admire, is mainly disseminated through exhibitions and social media platforms, and in 2022 her work was exhibited in seven exhibitions, including drawing attention to The Emerging British Artists, to raise She has participated in seven exhibitions in 2022, participating in exhibitions to raise the profile of the artist in the industry and attracting new audiences quickly. In addition, she posts and updates her work through her personal website and Instagram, attracting more followers.

Mary Herbert, Passing, 2021
Mary Herbert website:


My current plan is to target my work for children and women, and I will be experimenting with illustrated books and art illustrations. So I will be focusing on these two groups in terms of subject matter and narrative emotion, and of course publications and exhibitions are forms of expression I need to consider.

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