metal mushroom sculptures:

Following on from the idea of Kintsugi, I am going to create some metal sculptures of mushrooms, which will come out from the cracks in walls in buildings.

The idea behind this is to explore how nature can reclaim and rebirth from the smallest of spaces and in places that you may not expect. Allowing nature into a rural scene, suggesting that nature could fix what we as humans have done towards it when considering out current climate disaster.


Sculptures Pt.2

I decided to paint the mushrooms on this figure gold. Inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, whereby embracing the flaws creates a stronger more beautiful piece of art.

I like to think of it as embracing the female form, in whatever form it may take. All bodies are beautiful.

Progression Idea:

  • take it further with castings of real bodies
  • perhaps call for models who have past injuries, illnesses (mastectomies, amputations)
  • to show that no matter what happens, we are still beautiful, it is still our body



Experimenting with small scale sculptures of the female form, entwined with mushrooms. Playing on a quote from “fantastic fungi” that “we are all made up of mushrooms”, and a part where it was stated that we inhale the spores of mushrooms with every breath. They are flowing through our body every second of the day.

  • touching on beauty in death, mild comfort in the fact that we will be returned to the earth, and the cycle will repeat