When I was searching for venue-related history, I found that most of the information was about the history of the canal. My site building is very new, having been built in the millennium. I wanted to make people aware that it was once part of the canal, and through the transformation of this community centre I wanted to give the canal a new meaning and a new role in a new era.

When the canal, the community and the food collided, I thought of an ancient activities in my hometown called Qushuiliushang(Winding stream party).

An elegant drawing of the Orchid Pavilion

This old traditional event inspired me and it would make sense to recreate the canal in a special way within the venue, redefining the event to move within this community food space.

My project aims to encourage people to be aware of food waste and to use community cooking events as a vehicle to consume leftover food and save up for neighbourhood exchanges. So this ‘indoor canal’ will be a place to share recipes and exchange nutritional knowledge.


Concept sketch

People can see other people’s recipes and also leave their own favourite recipes. Through the sharing of recipes, different food cultures will be exchanged and integrated. The residents will also get to know each other better through the exchange of recipes.

Weekly overview

1.Develop the concept idea

2.Find cases using water element indoor

3.Think about the activities in the project

4. Complete part of the conservation report

5. Change part of the brief