For this project, I decided to experiment with the concept of littering and pollution, and I began exploring this idea by using some empty Dorito packets. I was drawn to the bold colours and logo, and decided to try and create a fashion item out of the packets. I created the mini bag by sewing the pieces of plastic together, and I tried to incorporate different features you would find in a typical mini bag, for example a button, clasp and strap.

I feel that the iconic logo for Doritos makes a statement, as many people would recognise it, however not expect it be be on a bag. The idea of reusing materials is very relevant at the moment, and the intention behind the piece was to reuse something which you could typically find strewn on the street, and turn it into something practical. The transformation reflects the environmental issue of littering, and portrays how it can be avoided by putting in effort to be as innovative and thoughtful with the waste as possible.

Carrying on from this, I would like to continue with the concept of litter, however instead of transforming it into something practical, I would like to display the excessive amount of plastic that is littered, and perhaps portray it in a striking and disturbing way in order to create an impact behind the message.