Before drawing the wavelengths of my audio mix, I decided to close my eyes and simply differentiate between each of the sounds.

I had realised that there were three different sounds in the audio mix which I had created and all three of them gave me a different feeling . The audios too were distinguishable.

To narrow down the differences further, I decided to use a different colour for each sound and the kind of mood they had put me in.

  • I had used the colour red for the sound which made me feel anxious and made me feel unsettled.
  • Dark blue for the sound which made me feel neutral and had not been produced by humans, rather, they were natural.
  • Cyan for the sound which made me feel at peace and gave me a sense of tranquillity.


The sounds which I had heard in my audio mix were of the siren of an ambulance, the chirping of birds and sound produced by strings of a guitar.

Compilation made from the audio clips shared on DFC soundwalk group.