After completing my second primary research on this project, I was bamboozled and the following thoughts had crossed my mind:-

  • How could a twenty-four-second long audio clip give me mixed feelings?
  • Why did the sound clip make me feel anxious whilst I also found a sense of tranquillity in it?

Does it remind me of a particular event or a phase of my life?

It is indeed true that every sound or every voice we hear, we associate it to a place, person, or an event. I emphasised on the voices in the clip and after playing the audio clip on loop for an hour, I had realised that the particular clip reminds me of the lockdown phase.

  • During the lockdown period, hearing the ambulance sirens were a common thing and had become a part of my life. I used the colour red to draw the wavelength of the ambulance siren since it made me feel anxious and unsettled. The sharp and spiked wavelength defines the noise and harshness of the ambulance siren. The spiked and the high wavelength not only depicts the sound of a loud and noisy siren but also portrays the spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.
  • The COVID situation was worsening and the human race was in a situation of crisis. On the contrary, during the lockdown period, a significant fall in the pollution levels had been observed by geologists and the public. Mockingbirds are on the verge of going extinct and it’s a rare sight to find them in India since they originate from South America. Due to the low pollution level during the lockdown, the mockingbird was seen in my homeland after many years. The chirping of mockingbird made me feel happy, and I was delighted to hear them chirp. The dark blue wavelength is rather smooth and has fewer distortions when compared to the red one.
  • Cyan is a colour which I associate with peace & tranquillity. During the lockdown, I urged to shift my focus from the pain & misery the world was going through. To do so, I used to run my fingers across my guitar to make myself feel optimistic and at peace. The cyan wavelength is rather low pitched and runs smoothly across the wavelength chart.

Audio mix of my lockdown phase.


Though now when I look back at the situation, I feel hopeful and joyed that things might have not returned to normalcy, slowly and steadily, we make progress every day to escape the “new normal” and settle down in the normal we used to live in during the pre-covid era.

For my portfolio, I’ll be creating an audio clip by compiling different sound clips shared on the DFC soundwalk group. It will portray that despite outbreaks and pandemics, our life goes on.