1st – 16th November: Activities 1 & 2 in this block.

17th through to 28th November: Activity 3: Managing Change.


A bit of context:

I began teaching ICT as an employee at the BBC in London. Upon moving to Brazil, I began teaching Computer Science to students aged 5-18 at a bilingual school in São Paulo where I assumed a senior management role for school EdTech/Curriculum development. I then moved to Shanghai, working as the Director of Educational Technology at Britannica International School. This role has broadened to include all other schools within the Orbital Education group, some 9 in total.

I have a passion for world history, the arts and the Internet, where e-learning ecologies and the changing landscape of education has become a significant source of professional inspiration and development. I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends in education, media and design.

The Activities address a number of themes in digital education or learning strategy making in organisations:

Activity 1 explores the role of pedagogical models in digital education strategies.

Activity 2 involves an analysis of the internal resources (financial and technological) and competences of an organisation and how these influence digital education strategy and how digital education strategy may influence wider organisational strategy.

Finally, Activity 3 investigates models, theories, practices, and experience in leading and managing change as a key aspect of digital education strategy and policy in-action. 

You should ensure you make some comments on activities 1-3 but may choose to focus more on some than others. This component of the course is assessed as a whole using the criteria set out in the Course Handbook (and repeated here along with a more detailed rubric here) and will include the comments you make on the posts from others in your group as well as your own original posts.

You are expected to make a substantive post and comment on the posts of others in your group for Activity 3.