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Hot Stones

Stones was a security guard at a small airport. Stones had worked there for 30 years, and knew every inch of the place like the back of a hand. 

Hot was a new employee at the small store in the airport, where they sold miscellaneous snacks and keepsakes. Hot had just started working there, and looked forward to seeing Stones every night after their shifts ended. 

One evening, Hot found their self in a bit of trouble. Hot thought they had lost an iPhone 10, and wondered if Stones might be able to help find it. Hot quickly texted Stones, asking if they could come by and help search for the missing iPhone 10. 

Stones responded quickly: “Sure thing! I’ll be there in just five minutes!” 

Hot waited at the store for Stones to arrive—and when they did, Hot was thrilled! Hot thanked Stones profusely for helping out, then led Stones back to where Hot thought they had last seen their iPhone 10. Together they searched high and low until finally Stones said: “I think I’ve found it!”

Stone pulled out of their pocket what appeared to be an old iPhone 10—the same model that Hot had lost! Stones dialled Hot’s number with shaking hands. Hot answered after only one ring: “Hello?” “Hot,” said Stones breathlessly, “I found it!  

Stones gave Hot their cell phone back without any problems, but would later wrote to Hot to inform them that if they wanted any more help they would have to pay $200 each time they wanted something—plus interest! Hot wasn’t worried though; they knew they’d be able to come up with some way around this problem soon enough.

[cut to library]  

Stones, Stones, Stones. Stones is the most interesting person I’ve ever met. 

I don’t know where to start. The first time we met was when Stones came into this library—which I think of as a kind of bookstore—and asked me to help find a book. Stones had lost an iPhone 10 and needed to find it before anyone else did. I told Stones I’d help. Stones started asking questions about what kind of books people would be looking for if they were looking for a lost phone. 

I started thinking about how people like to read books when they’re looking for something specific: a good book about finding your way back home, or maybe a story about finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with no one around but animals… but then Stones started talking again, and we both realized that this wasn’t what Stones wanted at all! Stones wanted a list of all the books that have been written about finding someone’s lost phone! Lost Cells for Dummies, etc. It was hilarious because it turned out that Stones had gotten hopelessly lost  while trying to find this iPhone 10—and now was asking me for help! 

[cut back to narrator for exegesis] 

Shizzle is Stones’ friend who runs an even smaller airport store near Hot’s. Shizzle often stops by to say hi to Hot during work. 

Babyzations is Hot’s friend who works at the Shizzle Shop in the small airport with Shizzle. Babyzations often helps out with any problems that arise in the Shizzle Shop, like when Shizzle had to help fix a broken cash register or move some boxes of merch into storage because they were too heavy for Shizzle to lift on their own (and they didn’t want to ask Hot). 

Cruise lives next door to Shizzle’s shop in the airport and often comes in just looking for somewhere quiet to write down thoughts on life and spirituality without anyone bothering them– except sometimes people like Babyzations will try talking about random stuff like how much Cruise reminds them of their own experiences. 

Shizzle is the only one of Hot’s friends that was a demon. Shizzle was a sprite, or had been born a sprite, but had gone to Hell at some point and had been transformed into a demon. Shizzle doesn’t remember any of this, but Stones knows all about it because Stones was there when it happened. 

[cut to outside of small airport]  

The wind is howling and the rain pouring down in sheets as Stones steps out of a car and dashes through the parking lot. Stones has just finished a shift at the small airport, and is heading to pick up Hot. They are going for a drive. 

[cut to inside of car] 

It was pouring down rain, and Hot was struggling to see through the windshield. They were driving home from the spa after a relaxing evening of tribepop with Premium Sushi.

“I can’t see anything!” said Stones. “Maybe we should pull over?” 

“Yeah, I’m not sure it’s safe to drive in this weather,” said Hot. 

They pulled into a covered picnic area, and Stones turned off the ignition. They sat in silence for a few moments before Hot broke the silence. “Do you think we should stay here for a while?” Hot asked. 

Stones looked at Hot with wide eyes and nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah!” “We probably shouldn’t drive until it calms down.” 

Hot smiled at Stones, then leaned back in the seat and unovated. Hot let out an audible sigh of contentment as they waited for the storm to pass over them so they could continue on their way home together again… 

It was a good idea. Hot and Stones thought it was a good idea at the time. Hindsight would reveal that it was not a good idea, but it would take another year for that.  Hot and Stones both took a sip. Right now, at this very moment, it was a good idea. 

Stones took a sip. Hot wasn’t sure whether Stones liked it or not. Hot was was choorlish. Stones would reveal that right now. It wouldn’t take all year. loololoolllo


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