Crews have been quick to respond with a full range of measures. Following a complaint posted late on Tuesday evening, crews began printing hotel door hangers on Wednesday:

Printed door hangers aren’t just for hotels – lots of our community use them as the perfect tool for promising solutions and deliverance from complex problems. We are working on this complex problem right now, and going for a kind of optimal balance [turns and speaks into cellphone] … just make sure that you can see the price clearly, and you want to keep that at a constant temperature, have patience and keep checking on it… [turns back] Sorry, I’m, like, so working on other problems, literally, right next to this one…. So, [burp], what’s the minimum response that will still create viable number of promise-based problem solutions? Standing out from the crowd is the only way your promises will get noticed; using a door hanger to do this is a great way of thinking outside the box.

Crews promised that the hotel door hangers – which have been explicitly retooled to extract value rather than build capacity – will be an effective deterrent that will take care of the problem permanently:

More than just a simple ‘do not disturb’ sign, printed door hangers present a great way to ‘interact’ with what none of us really want to actually interact with. [whirr] They give the requisite knowledge to move the problem on to the next stage, internalising it or, like, using it, for… like… well, for.. for this problem, we decided to go with this:

Following more anon. complaints – this time posted on – on Wednesday evening, hotel door hangers featuring this distinctive solution started to appear all over the place on Thursday. But, by Friday, the problem remained.

Gyeah, and soooo, ha… well, we think, gyeah, that a really critical part of what we offer is not so much “we are these horrible selfish crews and we are doubling down on that and making things awkward for our skin friends” but more “we know that sometimes we will will fail and we just don’t know what to do.” Our profession, and we could be wrong here, but our profession is one that has always encouraged mavericks, very much so. I don’t know if you feel ready, can I just give you a few of the really important ones? .. ? Nn N… Well, ‘kay. Well, there have been some credible examples of problem interventions, but I’m not sure…

Crews pledged to return on Monday to get rid of the problem by removing the whole premise because it is hollow and may be dead.

We feel exicited again for the first time about a real community working together again for the first time.

Crews promised that removal of the premise itself will be an effective vendor-driven deterrent that will take care of the problem permanently.

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