Narrative and Truth – 16th October 2018

The first of our four planned Lines Seminars for 2018/19, will take place on October 16th 2018. Narrative and Truth will be hosted by group member, John Morrison, who will introduce the guest speaker, Tom Flint. Tom Flint will be discussing the Blended Experience Framework, a tool for designing mobile applications that complement physical spaces.  […]

Boy Who Gave His Heart Away – Jonathan Gibbs

At a second Lines presentation, I showed the Boy Who Gave His Heart Away and described its literary, artistic, typographic, electronic, and printed relationships. This illustration was commissioned by Nick Wells, from whom I received an email via the Central Illustration Agency: From: Nick Wells <> Subject: Radio Times commission Date: 23 May 2016 at […]

The Wee Red Bar – Jonathan Gibbs

Lines meeting 12.X.2016 The Wee Red seems an appropriately subterranean setting for a musical accompaniment to this Lines research presentation. There is NO speech, but there are six slides during this performance of East Coast Line. This instrumental piece was inspired by a journey from Kings Cross St Pancras to Edinburgh Waverley: the rail-link between two […]

Pilgrim Post

Mike Windle, Dec 2016 Been going on a number of pilgrimages recently… this year to Little and Big Sparta, searching deeper into “How to Make Films”… and the discovery of a clutch of useful books too… ‘The cinema of poetry’ (2014) P. Adams Sitney – Historian of avant garde American cinema. All my heros are […]

A Murder of Crows

One of eight illustrations for The Lumber Room, by Saki I A MURDER OF CROWS Current research involves Illustration’s collaborative relationship with writers, editors, publishers, designers and artists. This embraces academic and professional contexts to be explored in studio pieces and commissioned work. This research also involves the ECA Drawing Book, Shaping the View and […]


Wednesday 12 Oct 1.30-5pm The Wee Red Lauriston Place, Edinburgh College of Art Lines Wee Red 2016 The lines group has a broad interest in narrative and storytelling which incorporates process, practise and structure.  We are interested in how and why we tell stories in and through visual and material culture. We are developing a […]

Temenos 2016

Last week I attended a film screening of the latest cycle of ENIAIOS by Gregory Markopoulos. This is an eighty hour film shown in parts every four years (we are about half way now – in started in 2004) on a particular hillside in Arcadia, Greece. 200 of us from all over the world camped […]

Fragile lines

    I was very moved by the book, Sanity, Madness and the Family. It sets out real conversations between young women (patients of psychiatrists R.D. Laing and Aaron Esterston) and members of their families. I selected lines from their speech where they revealed their fragility and confusion. ‘Over this bit I am a bit […]