The 2021 University of Edinburgh Learning and Teaching Conference brought together staff and students to celebrate and share good practice and innovation in learning and teaching. Conference recordings and resources enable continued engagement with ideas and insights shared during the Conference.

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Keynote and Panel Sessions

Recordings of keynote speakers and panel discussions from the Learning and Teaching Conference 2021 are available to view:

Opening Statements

Keynote Address: Kerri-Lee Krause

Keynote Address: Rowena Arshad

Panel 1: Keynote Reflections

Panel 2: Significant Changes to My Thinking About Teaching Since March 2020

Panel 3: Teaching Practice from Across the University

Day 3 Panel: Curriculum Transformation

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Conference Presentations

Days 2 & 3 recordings will be released thematically in the coming weeks:

Assessment and Feedback (Release: July 30)

Science Teaching (Release: July 30)

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (Release: August 6)

Digital Teaching (Release: August 6)

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching (Release: August 13)

Experiential Learning (Release: August 13)

Building Community (Release: August 20)

Student Engagement and Involvement (Release: August 20)

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