Past Lunches

The 73rd Language Lunch

The 73rd Language lunch, virtual poster session! To Skim or Not to Skim: An Observational Study on Electronic Academic Reading Strategies Pauliina T.E. Vuorinen – University of Edinburgh, Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation – Benjamin W. Tatler – University of Aberdeen Reading strategies are crucial for academic achievement but they are rarely usedContinue reading The 73rd Language Lunch

The 72nd Language Lunch

The 72nd Language Lunch Date: 2020-11-12 Location: Online Unsupervised Extractive Summarization by Simulating Human Memory Ronald Carden Acosta; Informatics; Sound changes, phonological processes and rhythm in Altiplateau Mexican Spanish Gilly Marchini; PPLS; Fine grained named entity typing beyond English Sabine Weber; Informatics; A predictive processing approach to copredication  Christian Michel; PPLS; reading The 72nd Language Lunch

The 71st Language Lunch

The 71st Language Lunch Date: 2020-02-13 Location: G.07 Informatics Forum The System of Long Monophthongs in Central Mount Lebanon Lebanese Georges Sakr; This project aims to determine the vowel inventory of Central Mount Lebanon Lebanese (henceforth CMLL), on the basis of a comprehensive acoustic analysis of data from 19 speakers. By then running aContinue reading The 71st Language Lunch

The 70th Language Lunch

The 70th Language Lunch Date: 2019-12-12 Location: G.07 Informatics Forum From Scan to csv – Digitising Historical Birth Record Data Mirjam Eiswirth; PPLS; Andreas Steinhauer; Economics; We have a wealth of historical data on births, deaths, and marriages from old parish records, but currently they are not available for large-scale digital analysis becauseContinue reading The 70th Language Lunch

The 68th Language Lunch

The 68th Language Lunch Date: 2019-06-13 Location: Basement concourse of 7 George Square Ambiguity in Explicit Discourse Connective Bonnie Webber; In a well-known paper, Pitler & Nenkova (2009) discussed usage ambiguity and sense ambiguity of explicit discourse connectives like ‘when’ and ‘since’.rnAnnotation of the PDTB-3 has revealed that explicit discourse connectives are also subjectContinue reading The 68th Language Lunch

The 69th Language Lunch

The 69th Language Lunch Date: 2019-10-24 Location: G.07 Informatics Forum Regional Variation in Scottish T-glottaling Lauren Hall-Lew; LEL; Nina Markl; Brandon Papineau; None; None Matthew Sung; T-glottaling is a well-studied variable in UK English and a well-known feature of Scottish varieties. Speaker age, gender, social class, and formality of talk are typicalContinue reading The 69th Language Lunch

The 67th Language Lunch

The 67th Language Lunch Date: 2019-04-11 Location: G.07 Informatics Forum Modelling lexical interactions in diachronic corpora Andres Karjus; Richard A. Blythe Simon Kirby Kenny,Smith Large diachronic text corpora enable a data-based approach to the study of language change dynamics. The development of unsupervised methods for the inference of semantic similarity, semantic change and polysemyContinue reading The 67th Language Lunch