The 77th Language Lunch @ Edinburgh

We invite you to come by the 77th Language Lunch @ Edinburgh on the 28th of April, 2023 from 1pm – 3pm in the Informatics Forum. Presenters with interesting work and lunch will be waiting for you!


See you there,

The Language Lunch Team


Interested in presenting at Language Lunch?

You are invited to give a poster presentation about any language-related research. If you’d like a speaking slot, fill out the form below. An abstract is required per these guidelines:

  • Word Count: max. 300 words (excluding example sentences and references)
  • If linguistic examples are glossed, please follow the common Leipzig Glossing Rules
  • If not using plain text, kindly refrain from using formatting that is prone to causing errors or getting lost between conversions (e.g., tabs, small caps; automatic indentation, bullets and numbering)
  • For references, please follow the APA 7th Edition guidelines
  • Abstracts are due 24th of March, 2023 at 11:59pm


              Submit Your Abstract


Photos from the 76th LL @ Edinburgh

We had a great time! Thanks for dropping by!


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