Here’s some stuff I put together at one point or another. It might be useful for you, so email me for a copy.


A package for glossing sign language examples, including fingerspelling and nonmanuals, in LaTeX. Download it from GitHub. (My collaborator Jon Keane did most of the heavy lifting.)

EACL 2009 data

Zipped tarball (540K) containing the data used in our 2009 paper with human annotations. Contains 299 preprocessed and annotated XML documents plus a readme. If used, please cite Kastner and Monz (2009).

Database of unambiguous Hebrew verbs

A database of Modern Hebrew verbs that have no non-verb homographs, complete with root, binyan, gloss and other information. I needed this for a neurolinguistic experiment and it doesn’t look pretty enough to be released into the wild yet, but get in touch if you’d like the data.