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2020 Stela Manova, Harald Hammarströom, Itamar Kastner and Yining Nie. What is in a morpheme? Theoretical, experimental and computational approaches to the relation of meaning and form in morphology. Word Structure 13(1).
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2018 Itamar Kastner and Beata Moskal. Non-local contextual allomorphy. Snippets 34.



2021 Matthew Tyler and Itamar Kastner. Serial verb constructions and the syntax-prosody interface.
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
2019 Itamar Kastner. Inchoatives in causative clothing: Change of state in Modern Hebrew heXYiZ.
The Linguistic Review
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Itamar Kastner. Templatic morphology as an emergent property: Roots and functional heads in Hebrew.
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
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2018 Itamar Kastner, Liina Pylkkänen and Alec Marantz. The form of morphemes: MEG evidence from masked priming of two Hebrew templates.
Frontiers in Psychology
Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, Itamar Kastner, Karen Emmorey and Liina Pylkkänen. Shared neural correlates for building phrases in signed and spoken language.
Scientific Reports 8:5492.
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Itamar Kastner and Frans Adriaans. Linguistic constraints on statistical word segmentation: the role of consonants in Arabic and English.
Cognitive Science.
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2017 Itamar Kastner. Reflexive verbs in Hebrew: Deep unaccusativity meets lexical semantics.
Itamar Kastner and Vera Zu. Blocking and paradigm gaps.
Morphology 27(4):643-684.
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Irit Meir, Mark Aronoff, Calle Börstell, So-One Hwang, Deniz Ilkbasaran, Itamar Kastner, Ryan Lepic, Adi Lifshitz Ben Basat, Carol Padden and Wendy Sandler. The effect of being human and the basis of grammatical word order: insights from novel communication systems and young sign languages.
Cognition 158:189-207.
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2015 Itamar Kastner. Factivity mirrors interpretation: The selectional requirements of presuppositional verbs.
Lingua 164:156-188.
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Masha Westerlund, Itamar Kastner, Meera Al Kaabi and Liina Pylkkänen. The LATL as locus of composition: MEG evidence from English and Arabic.
Brain and Language 141:124-134.
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2014 Itamar Kastner, Irit Meir, Wendy Sandler and Svetlana Dachkovsky. The Emergence of Embedded Structure: Insights from Kafr Qasem Sign Language.
Frontiers in Psychology 5:525.
2009 Itamar Kastner and Christof Monz. Automatic Single-Document Key Fact Extraction from Newswire Articles.
Proceedings of the Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2009), pages 415-423.
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Book review (2016) Review of The Syntax of Roots and the Roots of Syntax (Alexiadou, Borer and Schäfer 2014, Oxford University Press).
Language 92(1):210-212.
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