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2020 Stela Manova, Harald Hammarströom, Itamar Kastner and Yining Nie. What is in a morpheme? Theoretical, experimental and computational approaches to the relation of meaning and form in morphology. Word Structure 13(1).
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2018 Itamar Kastner and Beata Moskal. Non-local contextual allomorphy. Snippets 34.



2021 Matthew Tyler and Itamar Kastner. Serial verb constructions and the syntax-prosody interface.
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
2019 Itamar Kastner. Inchoatives in causative clothing: Change of state in Modern Hebrew heXYiZ.
The Linguistic Review
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Itamar Kastner. Templatic morphology as an emergent property: Roots and functional heads in Hebrew.
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory
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2018 Itamar Kastner, Liina Pylkkänen and Alec Marantz. The form of morphemes: MEG evidence from masked priming of two Hebrew templates.
Frontiers in Psychology
Esti Blanco-Elorrieta, Itamar Kastner, Karen Emmorey and Liina Pylkkänen. Shared neural correlates for building phrases in signed and spoken language.
Scientific Reports 8:5492.
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Itamar Kastner and Frans Adriaans. Linguistic constraints on statistical word segmentation: the role of consonants in Arabic and English.
Cognitive Science.
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2017 Itamar Kastner. Reflexive verbs in Hebrew: Deep unaccusativity meets lexical semantics.
Itamar Kastner and Vera Zu. Blocking and paradigm gaps.
Morphology 27(4):643-684.
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Irit Meir, Mark Aronoff, Calle Börstell, So-One Hwang, Deniz Ilkbasaran, Itamar Kastner, Ryan Lepic, Adi Lifshitz Ben Basat, Carol Padden and Wendy Sandler. The effect of being human and the basis of grammatical word order: insights from novel communication systems and young sign languages.
Cognition 158:189-207.
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2015 Itamar Kastner. Factivity mirrors interpretation: The selectional requirements of presuppositional verbs.
Lingua 164:156-188.
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Masha Westerlund, Itamar Kastner, Meera Al Kaabi and Liina Pylkkänen. The LATL as locus of composition: MEG evidence from English and Arabic.
Brain and Language 141:124-134.
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2014 Itamar Kastner, Irit Meir, Wendy Sandler and Svetlana Dachkovsky. The Emergence of Embedded Structure: Insights from Kafr Qasem Sign Language.
Frontiers in Psychology 5:525.
2009 Itamar Kastner and Christof Monz. Automatic Single-Document Key Fact Extraction from Newswire Articles.
Proceedings of the Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2009), pages 415-423.
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Book review (2021) Itamar Kastner. Review of Müller (2020). Inflectional morphology in harmonic serialism.
Book review (2016) Review of The Syntax of Roots and the Roots of Syntax (Alexiadou, Borer and Schäfer 2014, Oxford University Press).
Language 92(1):210-212.
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