2020 Patricia Irwin and Itamar Kastner. Semantic primitives at the syntax-lexicon interface.
Itamar Kastner and Matthew A. Tucker. Non-concatenative Morphology in Distributed Morphology. Handbook chapter draft.
Kastner et al. Who speaks for us? Lessons from the Pinker letter. Submitted.
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2019 Itamar Kastner. Blocking in Distributed Morphology. Handbook chapter draft.
Matthew Tyler and Itamar Kastner. Serial verb constructions and the syntax-prosody interface. Under review.
2016 Itamar Kastner. Form and Meaning in the Hebrew Verb. Doctoral dissertation, New York University.
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2014 Itamar Kastner and Vera Zu. The syntax of implicit arguments. Ms., NYU.
A term paper from 2014 that Vera and I get asked for sometimes. E-mail me for a copy.