2023 Fabienne Martin, Florian Schäfer and Itamar Kastner. The lexical pragmatics of reflexive marking. Under review.
2022 Itamar Kastner. British Jews and antisemitism: A crisis not yet understood. In Stockall, Martí, Adger, Roy and Ouwayda (eds.), For Hagit: A celebration. QMUL Occasional Papers in Linguistics 47.
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Benjamin Lowell Sluckin and Itamar Kastner. Everywhere here can say this: The English locative impersonal. Under review.
2021 Itamar Kastner, Hadas Kotek, Anonymous, Rikker Dockum, Michael Dow, Masha Esipova, Caitlin Green and Todd Snider. Who speaks for us? Lessons from the Pinker letter. Withdrawn from Language.
2020 Patricia Irwin and Itamar Kastner. Semantic primitives at the syntax-lexicon interface.
Itamar Kastner and Matthew A. Tucker. Non-concatenative Morphology in Distributed Morphology. Handbook chapter draft.
2019 Itamar Kastner. Blocking in Distributed Morphology. Handbook chapter draft.
2016 Itamar Kastner. Form and Meaning in the Hebrew Verb. Doctoral dissertation, New York University.
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2014 Itamar Kastner and Vera Zu. The syntax of implicit arguments. Ms., NYU.
A term paper from 2014 that Vera and I get asked for sometimes. E-mail me for a copy.