Applying for a PhD

Academic staff at departments such as ours receive many requests for PhD supervision. Please consider the following before writing to me:

  1. The first thing you should do is familiarise yourself with the information on the School’s page for PhD applications. The Postgraduate Office is your first point of call for all formal matters.
  2. I can only help you if your topic falls within my research interests. LEL and PPLS have wide-ranging expertise in the language sciences, but you will need to do your own research and look at different staff and labs’ websites to see whether your research proposal aligns with their specialisations.
  3. If you think I would make a good adviser for you please do get in touch. Make sure to attach your research proposal (this could be a rough draft) and an updated CV. A writing sample would also be welcome but is not required.
  4. Finally, please remember that permanent positions in academia are few and far between. This does not mean there is no work for linguists, but whatever you end up doing, remember to have a back-up plan for after graduation.

Similar considerations apply if you would like to be a visiting student.

Good luck with your application!