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Student Intern Guide to Lunches at Argyle House

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Mew is working as a Digital Skills Trainer, she took part in the publishing of the Digital Skills Awareness course and is currently delivering an Introduction to Photoshop course as well as developing an Adobe Illustrator course. If you are interested in learning how to use Photoshop or Illustrator, book your training now on MyEd.

Just as an army marches on its stomach, we student interns rely on food to stay motivated and productive.  As much as I enjoy working, thinking about the things I have to do can be quite demanding (even burning calories!) and it makes me hungry every now and then.  Lucky for me, Floor H of Argyle House has a spacious dining room and the building itself is surrounded by many wonderful cafes and restaurants.  So if you’re ever wondering ‘what should I eat today?’ perhaps my experience of lunches at Argyle House can spark some ideas.

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