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Student Digital Champion- Useful in an Emergency?

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Daisy Michelson is currently a Student Digital Champion who works within the Digital Skills and Training team. In this blog post she describes what being a Digital Champion entails and all that she has accomplished thus far. 

I am currently working as a Student Digital Champion for the Digital Skills and Training team here at ISG. I’m going to do my best to explain what my job entails, as I’ve had confused family members mistaking me for some kind of IT superhero (I may be a champion of some things, but IT definitely isn’t one of them). I am now wondering what an IT superhero would be useful for…

After completing a summer internship for a digital team in another part of the University, I was excited to find a role all about digital skills to fit in with my final year of study here at Edinburgh. My degree is French, so my job fits in really well as an opportunity to work on something totally unrelated to my studies (it’s also fantastic being able to speak English to my colleagues).

So, what is a Digital Champion?

My role is essentially a communications and marketing role. I communicate with students and I market digital skills development opportunities including the Digital Skills Framework, the classroom-based Digital Skills Programme and online training through LinkedIn Learning. I am responsible for communicating with students directly and indirectly through social media, University societies, student and staff representatives from different schools, and in-person events like pop-up stalls in the library. I also promote the Digital Skills Programme to students by planning a variety of events such as tailored workshops. I do some strategic planning for social media and I also run the Digital Skills Programme Facebook page (please like it www.facebook.com/uoedigiskills).

As I’m in my final year, I am also really passionate about improving the student experience.  I’m really grateful that my job gives me the opportunity to make an impact in the wider student community, because my focus is on students and promoting the digital skills programme to them.

While I’ve only been in my role for three months, some of my greatest hits include: planning collaborative events with societies that we have never worked with before; convincing the team of the necessity of an Instagram page to reach the student of 2020; communicating with staff and student representatives of schools to help with our promotional messages; and finally getting the Facebook page off the ground to one hundred and fifty (150!!) likes (seriously please go and like the page www.facebook.com/uoedigiskills).

Student Digital Champion is actually my fourth University job! So if you haven’t checked out MyCareerHub for University jobs yet – what are you waiting for? I am thoroughly enjoying working in the Digital Skills and Training Team, I would even go as far as to say it’s my favourite job to date. And I promise that’s not just because of the free merch that comes with it…

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