DSN Training – Tailored to your needs

What types of training do you offer?

DSN offers a variety of training around disability inclusion. We believe that one size fits no one and therefore all of our training offers are tailored to the needs of the cohorts.
Here are some examples of training we designed and continue to offer:

– Inclusive Pedagogy Training
(aimed at tutors and teaching staff, a 3h mini course that covers general awareness training, higher education specific training and practical pedagogy skills; the training is delivered to a small cohort, using frontal teaching, group work and experiential teaching)

– Neurodiversity Awareness Training for PG supervisors
(aimed at staff supervising PG students. It covers general awareness training, neurodiversity awareness, practical tools to foster an inclusive supervision experience and procedural advice. Generally delivered within 90min, 60mins training with 30mins Q&A)

– General Inclusion Training for Admin Staff and HR
(aimed primarily at those who work on the procedural side. It covers general awareness training and then heavily focussed on how to support disabled staff using procedure. Generally delivered within 90min, 60mins training with 30mins Q&A)

– Communication in the light of Inclusion and Diversity
(not aimed at a specific group. Often we miscommunicate due to our differences, we come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, we may be of different neurotypes. This training takes you onto a wee bit of a journey, inviting you to look at concepts of politeness and body language in different languages, giving you a bit of an idea what the neurodivergent experience can be like. The training is aiming to foster better communication by creating diversity and inclusion awareness. It can be delivered in 60mins or 90mins. The longer version allows for more interactive engagement with different languages around the world.)

That all looks very interesting but it’s not what my school/unit/department/staff needs. Can you make something especially for us?

We would be happy to.
All our training includes general awareness training (medical vs social model, labour of inclusion, etc). Beyond that, we will tailor to your needs.
Do you need classrooms tools? Focus of pedagogy? Tools for individual communication? Procedural advice? Tips on creating inclusive teaching material?
How big is the cohort? How much time can we get?

Drop us an email, we’re happy to have a chat and put together the right training for your needs. Email us here

What does it cost my department to invite you?

If you are part of the University of Edinburgh, currently nothing, and we hope it will stay that way. At the moment we can provide our training through citizenship and with some Trade Union help.

What is the advantage of getting DSN to deliver the training?

Our training is grounded in both research and lived experience. We are disabled staff that can speak from experience. And we have another have huge advantage: We know University of Edinburgh policy, procedure and practice. We can tell how to access help and how to handle procedure around inclusion. We are connected to the University community through other Staff Networks, Trade Unions and EDI streams which helps us address intersectionality.
Our training is continuously informed by developments and concerns that are specific to our University community.