Is it problematic, or just annoying?

Is it neoliberal, or just capitalist?

Is it performative, or just displayed?

Is it paradoxical, or just contradictory?

Is it dichotomous, or just separate?

Is it criminalised, or just unlawful?

Is it totemic, or just symbolic?

Is it a practice, or just an activity?

Is it bounded, or just limited?

Is it a social construct, or just a creation?

Is it a moral panic, or just an upset?

Is it a structure, or just a pattern?

Do I fixate on the overuse of neoliberalism too much? Almost certainly.

Author: Angus Bancroft

I'm a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh department of Sociology, studying illicit drug use, illicit markets and various shades of cyber crime. Email Tweet @angusbancroft

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