Bringing Legacy to Life 2021 – Creating Immersive Stimuli for a Human Reaction Study Using Stop Motion Animation

Bernhard Schmitt

Bernhard Schmitt is an assistant professor at the school of Art, Design and Media of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

Since his graduation from Mainz University of Applied Science Bernhard has worked as animator and animation rigger for a variety of international studios, notably Walt Disney Animation and Aardman Animations. As screenwriter, director and creative producer he oversaw several independent projects.
Prior to joining NTU he scripted and directed the German TV show ‘Das Sandmännchen. 

Bernhard’s research interests are in the areas of stop-motion animation, experimental animation and interdisciplinary research in art and technology with an emphasis on social robots.


The recent introduction of technologies such as 3D-printing and advanced line-testing offer the possibility to create visual stimuli with stop motion animation that are comparable to the ones created in CG-animation regarding standardization, movement-control and repeatability. But due to the characteristic aesthetics of stop motion these stimuli come with the advantage of increased realism and immersiveness 

We present our recent study (investigating robot movement patterns and human reactions to it) conducted with stop motion stimuli and discuss the potential, advantages and problems of replacing CG-created stimuli with stop motion ones. 

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