Bringing Legacy to Life 2021 – Pos Eso (Sam, 2014): the first stop-motion Basque feature in context

Maitane Junguitu Dronda

Maitane Junguitu worked as a teacher and researcher at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). Her research subject is the historical development of commercial animated cinema from the Basque Country, specifically, the features directed by Juanba Berasategi. The proposed paper goes deep on the context of production and interpretation of ​Pos eso (Sam, 2014), one of the many films mentioned on her PhD. Because of the use of the stop-motion technique, this film is an exception within the production of the Basque Country, needing to expand the background to all the Spanish films.


The animated feature ​Pos Eso (​Sam,2014), is a ​rara avis ​within the context of animation from the Basque Country as it is the first stop-motion technique movie produced by a Basque company. The fact that the animation studio and the director have a Valencian origin and the Spanish stereotyped topics of the film makes it necessary to expand the point of view of the research from the Basque Country to all the Spanish animation. This paper explains the context of stop-motion production of Spain, besides the relevance of the movie in the Basque cinematography.

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