Bringing Legacy to Life 2021 – Re-imagining the place of puppets in contemporary animation

Lea Vidakovic

Lea Vidakovic is a multimedia artist and independent scholar, who works with traditional puppet animation in the field of art, animated installations and expanded media practices. Her research interests include fragmented narratives and new storytelling approaches for animated installations, expanded cinema, storytelling and puppet animation in contemporary context. She is a recent PhD graduate from NTU/ADM Singapore (2020); she holds a BA in animation (Norway); BA and MA of graphic art and painting (Academy of Arts, Zagreb); MA of audio-visual arts (KASK, Belgium). She exhibited and screened her works on 200+ festivals, and is a winner of several awards.


This paper explores traditional puppet animation in contemporary context, focusing on those puppet animation practices which appear beyond the screen, outside the cinema venues. Unlike “behind the scenes” exhibitions (valuable for revealing the hidden production processes), there are other types of showcases too, which are not resembling an explanation or an echo of the film. Such independent animated artworks, installations and performances are a novel take on what the ephemeral approach to puppet animation can be. The aim is to analyses how these works employ the signature strengths of puppet animation in novel ways to elicit unique viewing experiences.

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