Bringing Legacy to Life 2021 – The possibilities of stop-motion animation for participatory artwork: a focus on Glasgow’s initiatives

Myria Christophini Njenga

Dr ​Myria Christophini Njenga is a Scottish and Cypriot experimental animator, visual artist and researcher. She is a graduate of the Bauhaus University, the University for the Creative Arts and the Glasgow School of Art, where she gained a practice-led PhD in animation, social change and peace-building. Currently, she is active as a freelance artist and animator and is also appointed as a teaching fellow at the

University of Edinburgh. Her animation practice is strongly concerned with the animated documentary and with animation for social change and participatory practices.


This article will provide an overview of prominent Glasgow initiatives in the field of participatory stop motion-animation. What is referred to here as participatory animation is animation that involves the community in its creation process. Examples that will be discussed will include work by Nemo Arts and the Little Animation Studio. The effectiveness of the medium of animation, and in particular of stop motion animation as a tool for participatory arts, will be considered highlighting what is considered to be ‘the pros and the cons’ of applying the medium in such a context.

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