Bringing Legacy to Life 2021 – Animated puppets and their materials: a matter of classification

Vincenzo Maselli

Vincenzo Maselli is a research fellow in Design at Sapienza University of Rome. His interests focus on animation and motion design and his researches concern the study of puppets’ material and technological features in stop-motion animated films and the analysis of pedagogical approaches to teach motion graphics in academic contexts. He published several articles about these themes and he is the author of the book “Anatomy of a Puppet. Design-driven categories for animated puppets’ skin” (2020) edited by FrancoAngeli. 


Puppets hold an interesting attitude to cross fields of application – from technology to art, and from psychology to sociology – and, in each of them, they show specific characteristics and meanings. By focusing on stop-motion puppets, this paper outlines new criteria of classification of these animated objects according to material aspects and manufacturing processes, and links those features with historical roots and anthropological scenarios. In conclusion, the paper invites embracing an interdisciplinary path of research that relies upon fields of design and film studies as it suggests giving value to puppets’ material aspects to identify new instruments of classification and interpretation.

Vincenzo will present as part of Panel One, 11:20-13:00 Thursday 29th April.

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