Bringing Legacy to Life 2021 – Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox: Quotidian textures at a close range

Farzaneh Yazdandoost

Farzaneh Yazdandoost is a PhD candidate of film and media in Cambridge school of creative industries, ARU. She is conducting her research about the specific approach towards physical materials in stop-motion puppet animations, such as that of Wes Anderson and Suzie Templeton, which results in making reference to physical reality. In 2019, she presented “The Implication of Arbitrary Movement in Puppet Animation” in Performing Animation, Animating Performance symposium in King’s College, about a specific form of motion that is rendered by flowing physical materials. Along with her research, she is also working on an animated documentary to put theory in practice.


Wes Anderson’s approach towards physical materials in stop-motion animation is indexical as the materials simply represent themselves, even though they invite audiences to perceive what cannot normally been seen. Through presenting textures in their most visible status with the assistance of close-ups and shallow depth of field, Anderson accentuates textures as a means of re-experiencing physical reality intimately. This idea can be explained by comparing Anderson’s attitude towards textures as earthy entities with Jan Ŝvankmajer’s surrealistic approach. While both filmmakers employ animation to depict magical worlds and suggest new experiences of physical materials, the experience that Anderson’s animations offer is more quotidian than that of Ŝvankmajer.

Farzaneh will present as part of Panel One, 11:20-13:00 Thursday 29th April.

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