Time and Technology:

A futuristic campus in 2050 buzzes with activity. Each student and teacher is wearing a digital badge, flashing names, gender, race, sexual orientation, and a “Sensitivity Index,” indicating their tolerance level to various topics.

Social Context:

The campus life, under the influence of radical liberalism, has transformed into a utopian safe space where every action and word is scrutinized to avoid any potential psychological discomfort.


The university campus of 2030, a meticulously crafted utopian safe space shaped by radical liberalism. In this futuristic setting, students live under the silent watch of drones and the companionship of high-tech devices, as if in a transparent yet inescapable bubble. In this seemingly perfect world, every corner, every interaction, is tinged with unease and surveillance. Here, freedom of speech and responsibility form a peculiar balance. But there are always those who begin to question it all.

And so, story begins…


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