6th April 2150

I still hadn’t figured out what was the box of old sleek cylinders we found when A wanted to clear the old bunker behind the garden. I had taken it to the laser library and they had said they will look into it. Today, XÆ, the young boi at the server center, called to explain it was a hologram 💊; commonly used a hundred years ago as a backup to store data. He helped me transfer it to a 💿. The 💊 turned out to be my grandmother’s and the first one was from when she was a student in Edinburgh Futures Institute, which📍shows to be in the Gaelic land.

I saw a curious video of her speaking at an event where she is talking about how learning can take place anytime and anywhere (I remember my school before the grid cut out!), more accessible learning technology (ofc we know how that turned out), and the value of history and heritage.

The 💊 had photos from what looks like a wedding, perhaps a friend’s, where they all seem to have this dark brown tattoo on their hands. It seemed familiar but I can’t remember what its called. The tattoo does not show in all photos so I wonder if it was temporary?

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