“My asset aims to highlight the importance of the period we are living through. Reflecting back on quarantine should make us grateful for the opportunity we have to change the course of events. I believe I managed to produce an interesting and entertaining video, which I hope people will relate to. My ultimate goal is to engage people with the subject and lead them to reflect on their own experience with Covid-19 and climate change. This course helped me better grasp the plurality of variables linked to environmental issues. Its multidisciplinary approach, and the many expert conversations, truly improved my thinking. Personally, I will continue to read and work on the climate crisis, especially through an economic perspective. My asset could definitely be enhanced in the future by adding years and/or solutions. It would be interesting to review it again a few years later to evaluate what changed and what is considered a priority at the moment. Until then, action is ours to take! ”

A photograph of Kenza Darrak. It displays Kenza standing on the beach with sea behind her. Kenza has black hair and is wearing a white sweater and light blue jeans. She is smiling gently.


Kenza Darrak

Political Science

Exchange student, Undergraduate, Year 3

Casablanca, Morocco

Currents 2021