“The key objective for my asset was to create an emotional response to encourage people to realise the idea that the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency are very similar in the sense that they are both urgent issues and that we should be reacting to both with the same urgency. I also want to inspire people to view this asset in a way that allows them to consider how society’s actions can cause such significant changes to solve the issues identified. In COVID-19’s case we have put our lives on hold and enforced physical distancing in order to protect the vulnerable, at the expense of our economy, education etc. On the other hand, the climate crisis has resulted in some significant changes invoked to tackle the issue, but we have still not seen change as drastic as our reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why I wanted to shed light on the fact that we are capable of making momentous long-term changes to tackle the climate issue too. I suggest in my asset that society should react to these issues using systemic thinking, in order to protect the sectors in society more carefully. I think this asset has been successful in sharing my journey of knowledge gained through this course and feel that it has helped me realise that society not only should solve the problem but use the problem to solve others. In this case the pandemic could be used as an opportunity to better our actions towards climate change and make a long-lasting change for the good.

I wanted the asset to lead the viewer through a journey of various topics, allowing themselves to figure out how they all connect and exploring the message behind it. Using this medium has enabled me to create an influential image which entices the audience to look into the deeper context of the piece. Since there is no clear answer right in front of them, more reflection may occur, encouraging deeper contemplation.”


Georgia Sudron

Business with Marketing


Musselburgh, Scotland

Currents 2020



collage featuring images and texts related to coronavirus