Last Saturday was my book launch event, I shared the process of making the book, how I wrote the story, my references etc. Many of my old friends came to the event, as well as the friends I met in Edinburgh (Yijie for example).
Here in this photo, I was sharing my storyboard.

After the presentation, I signed the books. One reader told me that the book reminds her of her father, and she loves the book very much. It is very encouraging.
In this photo, my friend and I were showing the same keychains. She was in Product Design MFA, we both went to Edinburgh in 2015.
This morning I went to a radio station to do an interview, it was fun (as in the photo below). The programme is for children, I wonder how they would react to the interview and to the book.
The publisher is asking me about the second book, and we are planning to publish it in October, I will work harder!
All the best,