[Carbon Capture and Storage diagram accompanying Independent article]

A selection of media coverage related to research I’ve been involved in

2021: BBC Bitesize Animation Series on Energy – expert interviewee
Geothermal Energy

2020: Correspondence on South Africa helium resource study for Renergen

Virginia project could supply entire world’s helium demand for six decadesGas World, 7th July 2020

2019: Correspondence on Noble gases confirm plume-related mantle degassing beneath Southern Africa

SA’s hot rock puzzle finally explainedThe Sunday Times (South Africa) – 25th December 2019

2018: Correspondence on Estimating geological CO2 storage security to deliver on climate mitigation

World can ‘safely’ store billions of tonnes of CO2 underground 2017: Correspondence on managing UK wastewaters from shale gasCarbon Brief – 12th June 2018

2017: Correspondence on the Management of Wastewater from UK shale gas exploitation

Fracking in Britain could be limited by lack of specialist waste facilities, new research suggestsIndependent – 18th December 2017

2017: Correspondence on fingerprinting UK coal-derived gases

Helium found in coal seams could aid safe shale gas extractionmyScience – 29th September 2017

2017: Correspondence on measured inherent fingerprints in captured CO2

Safe Carbon Dioxide Storage Test Beneficial for Leading Research ProjectAZOcleantech – 21st September 2017

2017: Correspondence on oxygen isotope fingerprints for CCS monitoring paper

Inexpensive and proven water ‘fingerprint’ technique supports deployment of subsurface CO2 storage – Carbon Capture Journal – 30th July 2017

2017: Correspondence on oxygen isotope exchange in natural waters paper

Sparkling springs aid quest for underground heat energy sourcesScience Daily – 21st July 2017

2017: Correspondence on Kerr Investigation using noble gases Paper

Pioneering ‘fingerprint’ test will build confidence in geological storage of CO₂Gas World – 23rd June 2017

2016: Correspondence on Inherent Fingerprints in captured CO2 Paper

CO2 fingerprint discovery could push forward CCSInstitute of Mechanical Engineers – 26th July 2016

CO2 fingerprinting prevents leaks from storage sitesEngineering and Technology – 25th July 2016

2016: Correspondence on lessons for storage security from natural CO2 Analogues Paper

Ancient rocks yield hard facts on safe storage of greenhouse gasEngineers Journal – 12th July 2016

2016: Correspondence on O isotopes in produced water from Otway Paper

Water sampling technique paves way for safe storage of CO2Phys.org – 12th July 2016

Water sampling technique to monitor underground CO2 storageCarbon Capture Journal – 12th July 2016

Edinburgh university scientists pioneer low-cost carbon capture and storage route in AustraliaScottish Energy News – 11th July 2016

2016: Correspondence on Development of Shale Gas Test, presented at EGU:

Test aims to identify shale gas hazard in groundwaterScience Daily – 22nd April 2016.

Test aims to identify shale gas hazard in groundwater Eureka Alert – 21st April 2016.

2015: CO2-EOR Tracing Paper Correspondence:

Scots scientists can ‘fingerprint’ underground CO2The Scotsman – 6th October 2015.

2015: CO2 Odourisation Paper Correspondence:

CO2 pipelines don’t need added smellUniversity of Edinburgh News – 28th March 2015.

2014: Expert Opinion Comments:

Storing greenhouse gas underground—for a million yearsScience – News – 14th October 2014.

2013: Expert Opinion Q and A – The potential of noble gas tracers for CO2 monitoring and early warning tracers for leakage Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology 3 (2), 99-102

2013: Correspondence on NERC Oil and Gas Catalyst Project:

Test to check water supply for gas leaksUniversity of Edinburgh News – 1st November 2013

2012: Expert Opinion Comment:

Fracking could foil carbon capture plansNew Scientist – News – 28th March 2012.

2011: CO2 Leakage Test Paper Correspondence:

Carbon Capture and Storage gets a Clean Bill of HealthNew Scientist – 15th December 2011.

Method puts carbon-capture and storage ‘leaks’ to the testThe Engineer – 13th December 2011.

2010: Science Magazine Career Profile:

Examining Carbon Capture and Storage – Science – Science Magazine career article on CCS – 7th May 2010.

2009: Nature Paper Correspondence:

Environmental science: Clean coal and sparkling waterNature – News and Views – 2nd April 2009.

Tracing carbon dioxide’s fate undergroundNature – News – 1st April 2009.

Solution to the carbon problem could be under the groundThe Independent – 2nd April 2009.

Carbon capture and storage moves a step closerThe Daily Telegraph – 1st April 2009.

Take carbon dioxide, dissolve slowly in waterChemistry World – 1st April 2009.

Keeping carbon out of sight but not out of mind – Physics World – 2nd April 2009.

Carbon capture has a sparkling futurePlanet Earth Online – 2nd April 2009.

2008: Geochimica Paper Correspondence:

Carbon Dioxide Has Been Naturally Stored For A Million Years In Colorado And Rocky MountainsScienceDaily – 23rd February 2008.

General Correspondence:

Gilfillan, S.M.V. The potential of noble gas tracers for CO2 monitoring and early warning tracers for leakage Greenhouse Gases – Science and Technology – April 2013.

Gilfillan, S.M.V. and Wilkinson, M. edited by Haszeldine, R. S. Carbon Capture and Storage – Sustainability in the UK energy mix – UKERC Report – July 2006.

Gilfillan, S.M.V. Colorado’s captured carbon, Planet Earth – NERC Magazine – Autumn Edition 2005.