Social Work Research, Practice and Education at the University of Edinburgh

This blog is a place where staff and students in the Social Work subject area at the University of Edinburgh can share reflections on their research, discuss policy and practice innovations, and highlight developments in learning and teaching.

The aim of the blog is share our work with a range of communities and stakeholders who might find our work useful.  We are keen to hear from you, make connections and forge new partnerships.

Social work is a rewarding and challenging discipline and the social work research we develop at the University of Edinburgh aims to make a positive impact on policy and practice.  We work directly with those who have lived experience of services and with practitioners to ensure our research is grounded and responsive to current realities in communities and agencies.  We also value an interdisciplinary approach, working with a range of partners out-with social work including: Social Policy, Sociology, Anthropology, Counselling, Psychology, Medicine, Nursing and the Creative Arts.

We welcome ideas for guest blogs from our friends and collaborators, please get in touch if you have an idea.

Contact: Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh,, Twitter: @DrARoeschMarsh