The Scottish Historic Building’s Trust (SHBT), Edinburgh worked in partnership with the SCCS to produce a building survey and historic building analysis of Acheson House, Canongate.  The building was offered by the SHBT as a subject for study to SCCS,  who then devised a project brief and programme for their students to carry out under their supervision.

The aim of the study was to identify and analyse how the building had been shaped through nearly four centuries of use since the original construction in 1633.  The output was a thorough report including an historical analysis, drawing studies and charted building survey plans and elevations. 

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The SHBT are currently developing a programme of works to repair and increase access to the building. This will be based on the results of detailed analysis of the building and its significance. The student work has informed the historic building analysis currently being undertaken, with copies of the student reports being passed to the relevant consultants.

For more information on the work carried out by Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, please follow this link.

The building became the base for Edinburgh World Heritage Trust in November 2011.