A selection of some of the best dissertations from past MSc Architectural Conservation students can be found in the Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA), filed under the category ‘Edinburgh College of Art thesis and dissertation collection’.

The MSc dissertation is written over a period of three months under thesupervision of an assigned academic within the chosen field of study.


Amy Hickman, Waterfront Regeneration in the Historic Port of Leith: the Challenges of Maintaining Authenticity on an Urban Scale


Stuart West, Is Scotland Planning to preserve the world’s heritage? A case-study in the heart of neolithic Orkney
Michael MacDonagh, Finding New Uses for Irish Demesnes: Authenticity and Integrity Issues


Angeliki Vastaki, Neoclassical Residences in Athens: Why a burden for the owners?
Tarek Teba, Conservation of stone-roofs: Challenges and the Effect of New Techniques
Caroline Engel, The Murals of Belfast: Politics and Conservation


Yuk Hong Ian Tan, Bridges to Our Heritage: The Significance of Five Historic Bridges over Singapore River
Thomas Hunter, Shored Against Our Ruin: Experiential Themes in the Conservation of the Whaling Industry


Lucy O’Connor, A study of the thermal improvement methods employed on traditional building fabric: Specific to traditional Scottish stone walls and slate roofs
Gul Akturk, The Conservation of Ottoman Era Neighbourhoods in Istanbul: A Case Study of Arnavutköy, Besiktas
Anna Wojtun, Envisaging Nowy Targ Square: rehabilitation challenges of postwar housing within historic contexts
Mary Ellen Witford, Challenges in North Carolina Preservation Policy: Preventing Demolition of the State’s Built Heritage
Patricia Lipton, Playing the Devil’s Advocate: Historic Places Of Worship And Preservation Policies In England, Scotland, And The United States
Nikolia-Sotiria Kartalou, The Conservation Challenges of Regenerating An Urban Industrial Zone: Exploring The Design Options


Lilian Tuohy Main, Temporary Use: A Potential Strategy for Historic Buildings At Risk
Georgina Ritchie, Monumental Misjudgements? Early Conservative Interventions and their Impact on Orcadian Neolithic Sites

Martha Vail, Waste Management and Sites of Historic/Architectural Significance: A Conservation Perspective
Kristina Rimkute, Soviet Mass-Housing In Vilnius: Exploring The Consequences Of The 1955 Housing Reform And The Rebellion Against Architectural Homogenisation