Illustration Mini-exhibition ✨

The second semester has begun!


image 1 My works

For the exhibition, I have chosen to showcase my handmade illustration book Autumn is a Tree.

Books, poetry, and illustration to input the reader an integrated experience of what it is like to read. Stroking the rough bark of the tree and opening the pages, reading and perceiving the text and illustrations through sight and touch, it is as if I am standing next to the tree and the faint smell of plants on the pages is like a botanical soup made by my grandmother in the kitchen. I will continue to use multi-sensory thinking in my future work to explore more effective ways of conveying information and emotion.


image 2 Vicky’s works

Vicky’s work has a very strong visual language and an artist’s own style. I think she breaks the boundary between illustration and pure art, building a strong narrative mood through the different states/expressions of the characters, etc. The audience for the work I think is more female, as they are more equipped with sensual and delicate emotions, and Vicky’s work is more suitable for entering exhibition spaces or illustrating magazines and poetry.


image 3 Ellie’s works

Ellie’s illustrations are very natural and relaxing, and you can feel through the images that the artist loves life and nature. The images have a fresh, beautiful, lived-in feel to them.
I think that a walk or a trip will bring more inspiration to this artist, and there are bound to be some surprises with more different perspectives. You could also try to add 1-2 more mediums to the painting process, such as pastels and colored pencils to enrich the detail and readability of the images.

Illustrators such as Kirsten Sims, Daniela Sosa, and Liana Jegers are recommended to follow their work.






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