My name is Florence and I am studying Art. Personally, I enjoy experimenting with paint and biro within my work, as I feel these mediums allow me to be the most expressive and developmental. I like looking at art that has emotion behind it, and I try to convey that in my work. For example, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s ‘can’t help myself’ really stands out to me as it represents a feeling of helplessness and disorder, which I find very moving. I also enjoy Jenny Dutton’s ‘The Dementia Darnings’, as the textures and expressions in the pieces effectively portray the devastating effects of dementia. In the future, I am looking forward to becoming more experienced in oil paint, as I have never explored it before. I am also looking forward to utilising the printmaking and photography facilities, as I haven’t had access to these before and I am excited to distinguish different skill sets.

Above are some of my favourite pieces I have created, ranging from sculpture to drawing in different medias.