Making and Breaking Narrative- Primary Research 5


After exploring my narratives through different forms and artistic expressions, and taking interviews, I had decided to finalise on my project and to do so, I decided to resemble the piece of cardboard on the walls of residency.

In order to do so, I collected some images of the Residency and decided to apply the technique of “Kintsugi” by applying golden filter through the paint bucket application on adobe photoshop. I wanted to fix the bullet holes on the walls of Residency by using the method of Kintsugi but the law doesn’t allow me to do so with the walls of a historical site.

The uprising of 1857 is associated with loss, death and destruction, though through applying the art of Kintsugi, I decided to add the element of embracing destruction and creating a more beautiful piece of art while blending in three different cultures in the given piece of art for my final portfolio.