Beyond Realism – Dada and Surrealism: Modern 1 Visit 11/12/20

Collection of DADA print material

Sheer and unrestrained, innocent joy at seeing these pieces displayed in the gallery. I found them after having walked round one wall of the exhibition, not recognising nor being impressed by much of the collection, I went to look over this glass cabinet, and wow! DADA! Spent a while looking at the contents, couldn’t translate any of it of course but felt very happy and affirming to have seen these legendary objects not only in person but in a major gallery. – did think about the display of such pieces – the glass case is a bit underwhelming in a way that you can walk right past without realising what’s inside. Very emotionally stirring for me to see – but gallery setting flat and boring – not like the environment DADA was created in. Feels like DADA has been archived, put away with care in dustless but unstirring and tepid museum cabinets – wonder what Tzara would think of this conservation.

‘La Representation’, Rene Magritte, 1937

Fleshy. Thought the frame was cool and unusual. Flesh as object- frame packaging. Makes it somewhat more confrontational.

‘Lobster Telephone’, Salvador Dali and Edward James, 1938

‘Tableau Vivant’, Dorothea Tanning, 1954

Massive painting! Loved it, kinda weird – female artist done a big piece which is cool. Cool backstory.

Dorothea Tanning display case

Loved the recipe letter. This woman seems very interesting – must research further.

Max Ernst display case

Cool prints!

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