Mugs And Jugs – ILA 9 : Iterative Design


I picked a really basic mug to start (Number 1 below), so I’d have somewhat of a blank canvas. I then developed my different ideas.

In the end I hesitated between the two marked in yellow, but I went with number 21 as I felt the other one would be more restrictive for what I could do with the jug.

Before working on the jug, I looked into a range of very different sets, to try and see what kind of factors were important in creating a good set.

Based on the research, I sketched many jug ideas that I felt could work in a set with the cup. I hesitated in the end between the 4 marked in yellow, but I decided to go with number 20, as it has a good balance of being close enough to the cup to make a set, but different enough to keep the set interesting.

I also wanted to try and add color to make the set more interesting. I wanted to go with a ‘dipped in paint’ look to match with the dynamic diagonal and asymmetrical lines.

I tried several options, but decided on the bottom left one as it looked the best and interfered the least with the design.

I then did my final, shaded drawing of the set.

I was really curious to see what the set could look like in 3D, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some CAD work.

This was a challenge due to some of the more irregular shapes/ angles, however I’m really happy with how they turned out.

I then got to render the image to see a more ‘real’ image of the set.

I used this as an opportunity to try out different visuals, firstly switching the yellow section with grey, but also trying an option where the top section could be made of glass.

The one thing I would maybe change if I continued with this project is that it’s not really clear what it’s a set for (the jug doesn’t look like it’s for coffee, maybe for tea, but the cup looks more like a coffee cup, etc.)

However overall, I feel the set is interesting, dynamic, and the two pieces fit together without being the same. I’m generally really happy with the result.


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  1. thunyadi says:

    Excellent Post Quentin. It was a joy to see and read about your process. One thing I need to add, and this is a common tendency by everyone so far: The brief was talking about small iterative changes, not a collection of inventions of new forms. Looking at your post, I can see how and why you went about it that way. It seems like you had a certain ‘idea’ or ‘feel’ in mind that you followed until you found something that resonated with that. Theoretically, now that you found the language of your jug and mug, you could explore iterative sketching – really only looking at small incremental changes that make your design pop. I would most likely start with drawing/rendering how your set would look like with liquid inside and see what happens if you tweak bits here and there.

    Next step would be to actually build prototypes and talk with glass technicians – which again would certainly change your shapes – so good not to get too attached with all of it, seeing it as a fluid exploration of coming to form.

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