Polymorph Hand Prototypes – ILA 6 : By The Hand For The Hand


I had never worked with polymorph, so it was a bit weird at first, but I quickly got the hang of it and it was actually really fun to work with. I also like how even though it’s plastic, it is renewable, and therefore better for the environment.

My first idea is maybe more basic, however I thought it was an interesting one to explore. Medical splints, or the weird glove things used to keep your finger(s) from moving are generally bulky, not the best looking and also often warm and uncomfortable. So this object allows for the finger to be held in place whilst being more comfortable, smaller, and arguably almost looking like some kind of jewellery.

The second object covers a nowadays very common use of our hands, holding our phone. And being very clumsy, I’m always really scared of dropping it (Has already happened, very problematic, see photos below). So this device basically hooks the phone onto the fingers, providing an additional bit of security, whilst also not being uncomfortable at all for the finger.

The third object is an attempt to solve an issue which I personally don’t face. When my mom puts on nail polish, she puts this foam thing between her fingers to keep them apart. But it’s really bulky, and also has corners which generally seems really uncomfortable. So this object is thinner, keeping your fingers apart but not stretching them, and being more confortable due to the rounded edges.

For my fourth idea, I made two, more simple objects. I realised whilst working with the material that the result can be very smooth, and very ergonomic as it is made with the hands. So I realised it could be great to create some small fidget/ stress relief toys, that would basically perfectly fit the shape of your finger tips.

For the fifth object, I thought about the idea of holding a pen. This object keeps your hand in proper hand writing position, whilst still being comfortable due to its curved edge and relative flexibility. It could be great as a teaching tool for children, when they first learn how to write.

I decided to do my drawings based on the second object (the phone hook), as it seemed complex enough to give me good practice in drawing a curved object, but not too complex knowing this is something I haven’t done much before.

Finally, I added a bit of shading to some of the drawings. It is challenging with curves, as there’s a lot more to consider in terms of light, and it is arguably harder than the spheres as the shame is more varied and random. However, I definitely think I’m on the right track and I’ll get there with some more practice.

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