Components – 

  • Grouping geometry together – groups or components. 
  • Right click, select make group – geometry in that selection moves together and behaves the same
  • Make component on right click – seem similar but – making copies of the object – 
  • Each group can be manipulated separately – but on components copies also change – they are linked to each other and the same process is repeated on copies.
  • You cannot move edges or push pull when you make a component – you can move it, rotate or scale the geometry as a whole. 
  • Edit Component (right click choose edit component) Can then make changes as needed.
  • Close and Open components – double click with select component then click once off to close editing.
  • Component library – window menu – other components here for use – House icon for ones that you have created for the model – look through categories to add to the model. Click and drag to the model space to play in the scene.
  • Purge unused will get rid of things which aren’t needed from the menu.


Section Tool – 

  • Allows you to cut away parts of the model – easy to place sections in any direction. Can inference lock with this also. 
  • Double click on section plane to activate a certain plane. 
  • Right click to reverse and align view, or group edges through ‘slice’. 
  • Any section plane can be moved or adjusted like normal
  • To get rid of the section just erase the outer line of the section tool.


Autofold – 

  • Part of the move tool – folding edges for new geometry 
  • Select surface to move around – command key when moving an offset shape invokes autofold and creates the shape you are looking for. 


Array – 

  • Copies and Arrays in sketchup – use move tool and toggle option to copy. Type distance to be accurate. 
  • Make one copy – tell sketchup – type 10x and enter – will make 10 copies. Make Sure to finish the array before moving on – can’t change it afterwards.
  • Can also work with a rotate tool and array.


Paint Bucket – 

  • Paint bucket tool – allows you to open areas – can pick a material and click on a surface to paint them  – House icon to see materials already in the model space. 
  • Several tabs – select brick icons to access materials – to paint into the scene. 
  • To edit material – double click on it and it lets you edit including opacity – to change colour choose the colour tab and go from there. 
  • Hold shift key to change all that type of material regardless of where they are in the scene.