SketchUp Tutorial videos –

7 – Eraser – 

  • Only affects edges in SketchUp.
  • Individual or hold the mouse button down to erase edges. 
  • X Ray mode to delete edge 
  • Hold Shift, to hide edges when using an eraser.
  • Soften edges – hold option key down and use eraser.
  • Eraser edges delete edges and surface surrounding. 
  • Option shift to reclaim those edges.


8 –  How to draw a sphere – 

  • Draw a circle first, then orbit to a side view.
  • Draw a second circle, from the centre and perpendicular to the first.
  • Select the first circle
  • Pick the Follow me tool and click on the 2nd circle, erase 1st circle.


9 – Inference locking examples


10 – Rotate Tool 

  • Icon orientates itself to any surface you hover.
  • Select the object you want to rotate, then click mouse once to set the orientation centre, then move away and click away to rotate, click a third time to end rotation.
  • You can also lock the orientation or rotate tool by using the shift tool.


11 – Move

  • Points, groups, edges and surfaces can be moved. Autoselect is an option. Finish along points or edges or corners – eg use walls as pin points. 
  • Using the axis to move objects.
  • Make sure that you move that object from the floor so that it moves in a normal way in 3D space such as the floor. All relative to a starting point that you have chosen. 


12 – Offset tool 

  • Click on any flat surface to offset any surface in or out. It will auto select and work on any flat surface if nothing is selected. One surface at a time. By just selecting the edges you need to offset then the area created is cleaner. 
  • Shortcut, double click mouse to repeat an offset distance.


13 – Scale Tool 

  • Scale grips – grab and pull on a flat image – pretty straight forward. Can type in an exact value in the scale bottom which will automatically scale that object with the enter button.
  • Can also use scale to mirror objects – by using a – in the scale. 
  • Click align access to be more specific with your drawings.


14 – Follow Me Tool 

  • Shape and path to pull along.
  • Using the select tool, you can preselect the line that the follow me tool can automatically follow – then a continuous shape is created. 
  • Modify key – hold command key and click the surface you want to follow along. 


15 – Tape Measure Tool 

  • Measure edges and distance, create dashed construction geometry. Click the first point – measure distance – look at the measurement distance in the measurement bar. 
  • Tape measure – to create construction lines. 
  • End and inference points – can create construction lines from this.
  • Scale group or individual component – edit group, measure edge, type in correct value and accept the change. Then scales the object without affecting the rest of the model. 


16 – Arc Tool

  • Two point arc, click to define the endpoints of the arc and then create the radius. 
  • Magenta colour shows to indicate the tangent arc or tangent edge. 
  • Can create smooth edges and shapes. 
  • You can change the sides of the arc – type in a number then s eg 5s or 40s



Using Scale and Move

Follow me Tool and inference locking


Using Arcs –