…home and a poem?

I attended an amazing workshop hosted by Maryam Wahid earlier today.

We were asked to show a single photograph that represents home.

An easy task, I thought… But no. As a former chronically unhoused eclectic (who is now partially housebroken) I found myself unable to come up with a simple way to represent what home means to me in a single image… Until I looked up and saw my mantle collection.

The side of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis has a huge text piece by Lawrence Weiner that says, “Bits & Pieces Put Together to Present a Semblance of a Whole.” — I have referred back to that piece for many years now. About how a lifetime is just that… Bits and pieces that form a semblance of a whole.

My life as a sort of urban nomad has meant I have lost a lot along the way… This collection is what I have kept. When it is unpacked, it means I am home.


Sidenote afterthought (or a poem?)….

i used to
sleep on
my stomach

vulnerable, the
to kick to

after we moved
to Scotland
i began to notice i
was sleeping
on my back

i must feel
safe now i

disconcerting and


what an odd
to feel safe
but not to
until one day
you are sleeping
your back.

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