I feel like I have been in an accident…

This AstraZeneca vaccine sure does make me feel like I was hit by a bus!

After a particularly awful experience at my GP to receive a vaccine, I was fine for the first part of the day – I just felt a few chills, and chalked that up to having scoured the hell out of myself in the shower upon our return from my appointment, resulting in my having wet hair for a few hours.

As the evening progressed, however, I began to feel colder, and simply could not do anything to keep myself from shivering. As bedtime drew closer, I began feeling flushed and feverish; my body was definitely responding to the intruder.

I was feverish and freezing all night, and was unable to get warm enough. I turned my heated blanket up to max, and over my regular flannel pyjamas, I wore my dressing gown, two pairs of heavy winter socks, wool slippers and a hat. Yet still, I could not stop shivering, so I got up again and set the heater to be on for the next two hours or so (we almost never turn on the heating, even in the winter, as it simply does not get cold enough to need it). Poor B was probably melting. That, and I kept clinging to him to try to keep warm, so he was probably also constantly woken up by me too. I make for a terrible bedpartner…

I woke up at 6:23am, sweaty and with a body so achy that I really did feel like I had been in an accident. I didn’t want to move, but desperately in need of a pee (thanks aging bladder), so I got up and that’s when the aches really hit me. Moving hurt. My head hurt. My neck hurt. My everything… it all hurt (Seriously… All the hurts).

So, I hobbled to the loo (priorities) and then to the kitchen where I downed 600mg ibuprofen. Suddenly ravenous, I then ate a banana, 4 GF biscuits, and a granola bar. As I was standing there shoving my face full of food, I couldn’t help but picture myself on one of those British overeating TV shows where they set cameras up in your house to spy on you whilst you try to secretly eat food in the middle of the night. Feeling fat in addition to already feeling like crap, I then went back to bed. It hurt so much to lie down that I made noises and woke poor B up again.

I awoke this morning feeling a bit better, but definitely not 100%…

Long story short, I don’t know how effective this vaccine will be against escape mutations, but it has certainly triggered a response in my immune system. *fingers crossed* that it works.

Sidenote: Hilariously, I thought I was going to be able to work on writing my Material Cultures formative today. I logged into my library account, and I tried… Oh how I tried, but actually trying to research, retain anything I read, and then write when I feel like crud and have the attention span of a gnat…? Yeah… That one failed miserably. I wrote a long, rambling blog post about the little vidlets I’ve been making instead, but even that proved to be a bit too much for me to focus on for long…

Oh well.


  1. Sara Daniela Hernández says:

    hi! I got the shot yesterday and today im feeling exactly like you did!!! i feel like i received seceral kicks all over my body :s hope i get betterrr, greetings ❣️

    • Jillian Lee says:

      Yeah, that first one was not fun at all. I also had a fun case of what was assumed to be, ‘Covid arm,’ that hit me about 3 weeks afterwards too. (joy!)

      Thankfully, the second dose wasn’t nearly as bad. Just a bit of a headache, really.

      *fingers crossed* that your second dose is better than the first.

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