Dear Mrs. Vokes…

One of the things that I usually end up including somewhere in my work is text. As such, I have been trying to figure out not only an aesthetic for text that would work well with quilting, but also subject matter.

I recently discovered that my Great-Aunt Jennie (or possibly actually my Great-Grandmother, but that’s a family mystery none of us has yet to solve for certain) died during the 1918 pandemic. My stepmother found a letter that the Office Secretary of the Young Women’s Christian Association in Great Falls, Montana wrote to my Great-Great Grandmother Vokes on December 10, 1918 about the death of her sister, Jennie Everett.

Anyhow, given that we are currently living through another pandemic, I was thinking that I might try to print the text onto the fabric and then quilt that. I haven’t thought it through much further than that at the moment, but it’s an idea…

Update before I post this: I decided to see if I could find anything else about Jennie and was able to track down the handwritten, in the book death certificate. The woman who wrote the letter to my Great-Grandmother is the same woman who informed the authorities of Jennie’s death. Also… She died on December 6th, exactly 59 years before I was born.

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