My Singer 201k4

I have had this beautiful piece of sewing history tucked away in a closet for nearly a decade now.

I received it from a girlfriend of mine who I met when I was a member of the Gothic Valley Women’s Institute group down in Walthamstow.

It is a gorgeous machine, but it is daunting, and I must admit… I was (and am) more than a little afraid of it. I’m worried that it would be too complicated to use, and that I’d end up frustrated and crying rather than actually making anything.

So yeah… It’s super pretty, but I think I will be using something else to work with. Probably the new Janome 5060 QDC that I purchased after several days of confusing research. It was at the very tippy top of my budget, but my sister, who is an avid sewer says I’ll never need to purchase another machine ever again.

*fingers crossed*

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