In response to the art schools reaction to the pandemic I would like to reinforce the importance of Aspects of physical work. Mainly the reaction to light, texture and user experience with the scale and physicality of both sculpture and painting (and photography and film). Therefore, I want to continue to push the use of highly textured and layered work. This will be challenging in the beginning to documentation however with the anticipation of showing physical work.

I have already began to go more abstract in my artwork however I feel like in order to keep the fleshy nature of paint, I need to go completely abstract as where I introduce shapes and recognisable objects, my mark become too deliberate. I feel like keeping a large scale will help me work loosely.

I would like to consider introducing direct references to art history into my artwork as well as known narratives. This can help me build a image bank where I am limited in my human interactions to create interpersonal relationships between characters in my work.

I may also look into creating more user-friendly work online as I am aware of this great importance for self-advertisement and publicity. This is why I want to try and document better the process of making of work in the stages of development which give the general public a better understanding of the physicality of the work as well as a real life interaction with the piece in its individual demands of attention.

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