Nell Shoot PT 2

The purpose of this shoot is celebrating Nell escaping an unhealthy marriage.

I want to ensure the shoot includes a lot of liquid movement as she is the lady of the lake.


This image by Bianca Theron caught my eye as it is colourful and very powerful. I will try to experiment shooting underwater as I love the reflection of the lights creating texture and movement within the image.


Fashion is a big element of my work – I have been looking at marble print fashion that has increased in popularity recently. I will be looking at dressing my model in cooler tones, blues, whites and purples as it seems appropriate to nod towards the location this story is about. I want to celebrate Nell’s return to the lake as a free woman now free of pain instead of the sad, lonely approach the stories tend to use.

I am hoping to experiment with many methods of post production such as marbling, photographing again under water and using materials such as sheets of plastic to emphasise the sense of fluidity within the image. I’d like to think of Nell as being fluid and free with her sexuality after leaving her husband.

As I have recently had an afternoon with Chris looking at lighting and how this can change the mood and atmosphere of an image. I want a dramatic and empowering light – I am also hoping to use colour gels for this shoot. Here’s some images I have found online I would like to take inspiration from:

Creating Mood And Atmosphere with Gelled lighting



As Nell is a mythological character I would like to create a magical makeup look full of sparkles as if she’s ready to hit the town to get over her breakup! I found this look on Pinterest and will try my best to do something similar:

This falls into the ‘e-girl’ look which originated from Tiktok and therefore will capture the attention of young people.

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